Join us for Meet Your SheHero with FBI Special Agent Marty Parker

Join us Sunday, June 25TH at 2 PM PDT
                        (Broadcast from Palo Alto, CA)
                          FBI AGENT MARTY PARKER
                                     Special Agent
                     Human Trafficking – Child Abduction


Human Trafficking and Child Abduction are huge issues for parents, teachers, and children. The numbers are frightening. Every day some 2,300 children are reported missing in America. In 2020 alone nearly 400,000 US youths were abducted. Forty percent of those abducted by strangers are killed.

It can happen anywhere. If it happened in your neighborhood, would you be able to recognize the signs? From sextortion to kidnapping, to literal enslavement, there is a national epidemic in online and offline child predation.

How can a parent keep their children safe? How can teachers and school administrators help their students? What are the signs?

Marty Parker, our featured SheHero, is a Special Agent who has been working for the FBI for over 24 years. Today's program offers our participants the opportunity to find out what it's like to become and work as an FBI agent. Marty will focus on presenting critically important information about how citizens can protect their children and community from predators. 

Marty has worked Child Exploitation cases, including child abduction, child sex tourism, and human trafficking in Oakland, CA for almost her entire career. She also spent a year and a half at FBI Headquarters, where she led the FBI's Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team (CARD). Agent Parker coordinates the Bay Area Child Exploitation/Human Trafficking Task Force and is a field coordinator for the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). She has provided instruction across the US and internationally on such topics as Behavioral Analysis, Child Abduction Response, and Human Trafficking.

If you're a parent, teacher, clergy or member of the community - you won't want to miss this important and informative event! 

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This program is FREE and open to girls, boys, and adults of ALL ages.

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