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Most of us couldn't last a day without the internet, and now we have at least a generation of children that are online from an early age. Despite the amazing convenience and benefits of living our lives online, many parents worry that their kids are safe as they use this powerful but sometimes dangerous tool. 

We've rounded up some of the top experts in the country to present a panel discussion on internet safety and digital family empowerment.

The discussion breaks into two parts. The first is an overview and response to many current online issues, from sextortion to bullying, pornography, disinformation and inappropriate content. How can you keep your kids safe? How do you recognize dangerous content? How can you avoid the inevitable friction with your kids over parental control?

The second half of the program is about empowering your kids to become healthy and confident digital citizens with critical thinking skills. Parents will be equipped with the tools that can guide your kids into a healthy relationship with technology so that they can become responsible online adults.

Tami Bhaumik                  Larry Magid               Trisha Prabhu

Tami Bhaumik
Tami Bhaumik is the Vice President of Civility and Partnerships at Roblox where she spearheads the platform's digital civility initiative. To establish healthy and safe communities, Tami is focused on providing kids, teens, parents, and caregivers with skills needed to create positive online experiences, in partnership with leading global safety and industry organizations. With over 25 years of experience, she has successfully fostered supportive communities in a variety of industries through leading the growth of multiple Silicon Valley startups and is an active board member at leading safety institutions. Tami graduated with a BA from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Larry Magid 
Larry Magid, Ed. D, is a technology journalist and an Internet safety advocate. He is CEO and co-founder of and hosts the twice weekly Connect Safely Report on CBS News Radio. He is a columnist for the Mercury News. He served for 20 years as the on-air technology analyst for CBS News and 19 years as a syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Time. He has a doctorate of education from the University of Massachusetts and a Bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Trisha Prabhu
Trisha Prabhu is the 22-year-old inventor of ReThink, a patented app that stops cyberbullying before the damage is done. From email to social media, ReThink detects offensive messages and gives users a chance to "ReThink:" sending them. For her work with ReThink, Trisha was named a Google Science Fair Global Finalist and selected to present ReThink at the White House. Most recently, she was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Impact list. She is a graduate of Harvard University and was recently selected as a US Rhodes Scholar. 
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Zoom registration info will be sent after registering. Although the panel is of special interest to parents, we welcome boy and girls of all ages to also attend!

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