STEM Career Path Curriculum

Thanks to our sponsor, Truist Bank, SheHeroes has developed its first curriculum to help guide girls into discovering how their current interests can take them into fulfilling and exciting STEM career paths. These materials can be used independently by students, or taught by teachers in the classroom.

Our curriculum is an extension of the SheHeroes mission, but we encourage use by both girls and boys. By engaging in these lessons, students will take a deep dive not only to learn about a wide range of possible STEM careers, but to also discover themselves in the process. There are 4 individual units—The Creators, The Explorers, The Observers and The Analysts. Each unit stands alone and taps into different natural personal traits or qualities a student may identify with to engage them into a deeper exploration of the exciting careers they might enjoy. 

Educators and students can download individual units or the entire curriculum. We hope that, through this educational experience, all students can see the possibilities to apply their strengths and interests to any STEM career. Students will discover a diverse group of female STEM Pioneers that have been breaking glass ceilings and inspire students to push through their own barriers and achieve their dreams.


The issues and insecurities many young girls have with math and science are well-known. They are reflected in adulthood. While women make up 48% of the workforce, they currently hold only 24% of the jobs in STEM. Since many of the jobs of the future will be in technology and STEM, girls cannot afford to lag behind their boy counterparts in this arena. STEM graduates are the most sought after in the job marketplace, with salaries that are higher than many other careers. The goal of our curriculum is to show girls, and boys, how meaningful, diverse, and fulfilling a STEM career can be.

Read intros for each of the four units below!

Unit 01 / The Creators

All STEM careers involve creativity and imagination, but this attribute is highlighted with STEM creators. STEM creators put their imagination to work to brainstorm new ideas, new ways of doing things, and build new inventions and tools. They allow their minds to be free and think outside of the box. They are highly intelligent and build on their knowledge

Sometimes STEM creators are a little rebellious going against the traditional and finding their own ways of doing things. Creators help provide the tools, methods, and foundational knowledge for other STEM careers to do their jobs. At times being a creator can
be scary, but as with all STEM careers, they boldly share their inventions. Sometimes their ideas work, and sometimes they do not. Either way they are continuously learning and creating better and bigger each time!

Unit 02 / The Observers

All STEM careers involve curiosity, but this attribute is highlighted with STEM observers. STEM observers have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They are the ones that not only have many questions about how everything works, but they also want all the answers.

Their superpower is their perceptiveness. They often are able to keep their minds quiet and still, so that they can best observe and interpret their surroundings and their environment. STEM observers are very in tune with everything happening. They may be great at seeing small details or even seeing the big picture of how the details come together, but often they are able to do both. At times being an observer can be scary, but as with all STEM careers, they boldly put themselves to see the action. Sometimes they may not understand their observations, but they continue to ask questions and seek answers until they do.

Unit 03 / The Explorers

All STEM careers involve being brave, but this attribute is highlighted with STEM explorers. STEM explorers put their bravery to work by discovering new places that have yet to be explored or visited by other humans. Their desire for adventure and new experiences is never satisfied, as they see exploration as an endless opportunity

Along their journey they are using their perceptive skills to learn and share their knowledge with others, often pushing the boundaries of what we thought and changing the way we think. Without explorers the unknown would never be known. At times being an explorer can be scary, but as with all STEM careers, they boldly blaze the trail. Sometimes the unknown is daunting, but bravery does not mean you are never scared. It is realizing how scary it is and exploring anyways, despite the fears.

Unit 04/ The Analysts

All STEM careers involve problem solving, but this attribute is highlighted with STEM analysts. STEM analysts put their problem solving skills to work by analyzing data and evidence to form predictions about the future. They allow their minds to see what is not in plain sight.

They find solutions and ideas that are not visible to others. Analysts are more than just looking at data, they care about the future of others. With their predictions and forecasts they help others continue their work in STEM. At times being an analyst can be scary, but as with all STEM careers, they boldly share their predictions. Sometimes their ideas and predictions are accurate, and sometimes they are not. Either way, they continuously share their predictions with evidence to support them, even if others disagree or do not want to hear their predictions.
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