Join us Future SheHeroes for our November 12th College Admissions Panel!

Calling all Future SheHeroes! Join us Sunday, November 12th at 2 PM PSTfor SheHeroes'  College Admissions Panel Preparing for college success encompasses so much more than writing an essay and filling out applications. That’s why if a college degree is your goal, it’s never too early to start preparing for the educational steps ahead of […]
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EdCuration Podcast Featuring SheHeroes!

We are delighted to share a new video with you that delivers a deep dive exploration of SheHeroes STEM Career Path Curriculum. Recently SheHeroes was honored to be featured on the award-winning Edcuration podcast hosted by Kristi Hemingway. Edcuration is a curriculum marketplace leader, and their podcasts showcase the best curriculum products available to educators. […]
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Join us for Meet Your SheHero with FBI Special Agent Marty Parker

Join us Sunday, June 25TH at 2 PM PDT                        (Broadcast from Palo Alto, CA)                          FBI AGENT MARTY PARKER                                  […]
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Meet Your SheHero with Winky Lux Make-Up CEO Natalie Mackey

Join us Sunday, March 5th at 2 PM PSTNatalie MackeyCo-founder & CEO, Winky Lux Make-Up Natalie Mackey is the CEO and Co-founder of Winky Lux, a clean, joyful beauty brand available in Target, Ulta, and the Winky Lux experience stores. As a former fashion executive and current product junkie, Natalie followed her personal passion into the beauty space […]
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Pilot SheHeroes and inspire the next generation of career women

Pilot SheHeroes Curriculum and Share Your Experience A SheHero is a person who overcomes obstacles and excels in her field, setting an example for young women of all that is possible in work and life. The free SheHeroes curriculum - developed for grades 4-10 as a supplemental resource for Social Studies, Science, gifted and talented, enrichment, afterschool […]
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Register For Our Panel on Internet Safety and Family Empowerment, THIS SUNDAY, September 18 at 2 PM PST

JOIN US SEPTEMBER 18TH AT 2 PM PST FOR OUR PANEL DISCUSSION DEMYSTIFYING THE INTERNET; TO EMPOWER YOUR FAMILY Most of us couldn't last a day without the internet, and now we have at least a generation of children that are online from an early age. Despite the amazing convenience and benefits of living our lives online, many parents worry […]
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Welcome SheHeroes to our
2022 Fall Newsletter!

It's hard to believe that summer is over, the kids are back to school, and vacation memories are already fading. Time to start thinking about fall and all the exciting opportunities that lie ahead after these hot, lazy months. And, if you're a parent, we've got an opportunity you won't want to miss:  JOIN US SEPTEMBER 18TH AT 2 PM PSTDEMYSTIFYING […]
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Meet Your SheHero Medical Career Panel Featuring: Dr. Verna Gibbs & Dr. Susan DesJardins

This month we are delighted to be featuring not one but two SheHeroes! If you've thought about a career in medicine, here's your opportunity to learn more about the healing profession. Dr. Gibbs operates a general surgery practice at the San Francisco Veteran's Affairs Medical Center. To learn more about her career, watch her SheHero Video […]
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Join us for our Meet Your SheHero Medical Career Panel Sunday, July 24th 2PM PST 

Join us Sunday, July 24th at 2 PM PST for The Meet Your SheHero Medical Career Panel Featuring: Dr. Verna Gibbs & Dr. Susan DesJardins This month we are delighted to be featuring not one but two SheHeroes! If you've thought about a career in medicine, here's your opportunity to learn more about the healing profession.  Verna C. […]
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Celebrate Father's Day with Amazon Smile and IGive! 

Father's Day is fast approaching and if you're like most of us, you're busy trying to find the perfect gift for the man who will always think of you as his Little Princess. He's probably hoping it won't be another tie! As you shop for your Dad we wanted to remind you that you can […]
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