The Adventures of the 7Wonderlicious Girls App

In this day and age most kids are as well versed in technology as the most tech savvy adult by a fairly young age. My own kids both have my husband and my older iPhones and use them regularly. The phone and texting service is unable on these old phones, but they are able to watch movies, listen to music and download appropriate apps to play.

I’m always on the lookout for good educational apps for my kids, especially my 6-year-old daughter who is in the first grade. So when I heard that our friends at 7Wonderlicious had developed an app for girls I couldn’t wait to download it to the iPhone and explore it with my daughter.

The app is comprised of 28 story cards that each addresses a different theme or topic. Each story ends with a couple of discussion questions that are perfect for kickstarting some great talks with YOUR younger SheHero.

From the 7Wonderlicoous website here are the key themes addressed in our little book and app:

  • Leadership, taking initiative
  • Passion for learning, observing the world, being curious
  • Understanding that girls also can fix and build things not just boys
  • Helping others, supporting her community, sharing, helping out with the chores
  • Appreciating the uniqueness of each person, their differences. Accepting others and one self.
  • Identifying and celebrating her strengths.
  • Team work, using each-others strengths to accomplish better results and find solutions
  • Being adventurous and bold, trying new things, not giving up when it is hard
  • Having fun
  • Being strong and resilient
  • Remaining calm when something goes wrong so that a solution can be found
  • Being active, getting out and about, being sporty
  • Eating fruit and veggies
  • Supporting Mother Nature and the environment
  • Enjoying problem solving, having a can do attitude, being resourceful and persistent
  • Enjoying learning science and math
  • Using creativity and imagination
  • Speaking up, being assertive when necessary. Remaining confident when speaking to groups.

My own SheHero and I snuggled on the bed and spent a lazy Sunday morning listening to the story cards and then pausing each one to talk about the thoughtful questions posed at the end of each one.

It was fabulous! And with 28 stories on the app there is no need to pour through all of them in one sitting. They are perfect for those quiet moments you stumble upon (like my lazy Sunday morning with my daughter) some quality time with your SheHero.

Congratulations and thank you to 7WOnderlicious! I highly recommend downloading this app to your iPad or iPhone.

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