Join Us This Saturday in Palo Alto

Come and watch Comedian Tina Kim as she makes us laugh about single life (you can learn about her here:

Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, comedian/storyteller/TV host will be the opening act (learn more about her @

Then meet the singles you want to meet. (For the NON-singles, we can do some networking or just hang out.)

All of this whilst supporting GREAT orgs:

* which provides free online videos targeting 3rd-6th graders, showing them that women can be any profession they work hard towards.

* Asian American Donor Program (AADP) will benefit and will hold a bone marrow donor drive (you just give a cheek swab, totally optional! but you could save lives if you match)

* The Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women - that works to protect reproductive rights, activate people and educate people about reproductive rights.

LIMITED discount tickets!
$50/person $20 for students.
BRING a group and buy 10 tickets, get one free.

Donate and send us your photo and info (and we'll post it on a site for those that donate withOUT your last name).

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