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We’re delighted to launch a new resource, the SheHeroes Book Club. We are often asked to recommend titles, so we’re building the club for you…readers of all ages exploring what it means to be a SheHero and how to become one. We hope you'll visit often to check out our featured book recommendations from readers on our team, our followers, and community experts. We'll also have "book bundles" with thematic reading lists for special days and topic areas.

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P.S. Books are best when they’re shared, so if you have a favorite “girl power” title to recommend, please email Lori

I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World

by: Malala Yousafzai

Written by the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner in history, this book is the story of how the actions of a young woman can change the lives of many. It is a tale of bravery in the face of opposition. Malala Yousafzai has dedicated her life to making education accessible for women and girls. Readers will be inspired by this young readers edition of her story. Malala's story comes in editions for adults, teens, young readers and small children. I highly recommend reading the edition best suited to your age. (Julie Love-Ferrell, Children’s Librarian, Oldham County Public Library)

I am Malala, sheheroes book club recommendation

It's about Damn Time: How to Turn Being Underestimated Into Your Greatest Advantage

by: Arlan Hamilton and Rachel L. Nelson

Learn from a woman who went from couch-surfing to becoming a Venture Capitalist who supports underrepresented people (POC, women, LGBTQ, and more) to get funding for their startups. Arlan Hamilton’s life story is inspiring and educational about startup life and entrepreneurship. (Sophia Yen, MD MPH, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Pandia Health)

It's about damn time, book club for girls, SheHeroes Book club recommendation


by: Michelle Obama

From her childhood in Chicago, to a nonprofit career serving others while married to a rising political superstar and raising a family, Michell delivers an intimate, compelling look at the life of one of the world’s most admired women. With no sugarcoating, Michelle explores the challenges and rewards of being an equal partner in marriage, family, and career. (Lori Nelson, Executive Director, SheHeroes)

Becoming, Michelle Obama, book club for girls, SheHeroes Book club recommendation

Mae Among the Stars

by: Roda Ahmed

Little SheHeroes can meet Mae Jemison, the first African American women to travel in space in this inspiring biographical read-aloud about pursuing one’s dreams. For readers ages 2-6 or for girls at any age who have been told, “No, that’s not for girls.”
(Julie Allen, MA, Educator, Writer, SheHeroes Board Member)

Mae Among the Stars, girls book club, SheHeroes Book club recommendation

Estrogen Matters

by: Avrum Bluming and Carol Tavris

With so many misperceptions about the Women’s Health Initiative study about hormone replacement therapy, Avrum Bluming MD (oncologist) and Carol Tavris, PhD, cover the problems with the study. For example, the average age of women starting HRT was 63, and we now know you need to start within 10 years of menopause onset. As well, the medication they used is no longer the standard; it’s old and has more side effects and dangers.
This book is a must read for anyone who is around menopause +/- 10 years and who cares about women’s health. (Sophia Yen, MD MPH, post menopausal woman, women’s health specialist)

Book club for girls, SheHeroes Book club recommendation, estrogen matters

Sister in a Brotherhood: Stories from My Life as a Female Firefighter

by: Cindie Schooner-Ball

This book is our first book club selection, and for good reason. Cindie’s stories of being one of the first female fire fighters is a riveting and juicy read from start to finish. She started out modeling and taking dead end jobs until fire fighting captivated her life and launched her career. Ultimately she would rise to captain and serve for decades, one of the first females to do so. Cindie’s leadership advice and empowering message will inspire young women everywhere! (Lori Nelson, Executive Director, SheHeroes)

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