A Gift Guide Like No Other with Gifts Created by Women

It's that time of year again for year-end holiday celebrations and...our gender neutral annual gift guide! So if you haven't finished your shopping, here are more great gifts, holiday guides and shops with products to empower your 8 to 13-year-olds. Enjoy this list of organizations and innovators we love and support.

1) Girls Can! Crate

Girls Can Crate

A team of two Sheheroes are the great minds behind this product. With this new subscription service kids receive a "crate" in the mail once a month that contains an engaging activity book, STEaM activities, creative play props and more! AND when you purchase a crate a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Sheheroes. 


2) The Lammily Doll


The Lammily doll, was created by digital artist and SheHero Nickolay Lamm, and is the first fashion doll with realistic body proportions made to reflect realistic body proportions and promote a positive body image for children. Kids can now actually play with a doll that reflects the human body accurately. How cool and amazing is that?

ENTER CODE: SHEHEROES with your purchase and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Sheheroes! 

3) I Heart GUTS


This unique company founded by SheHero and founder Wendy Bryan Lazar makes amazing and adorable organ plushies for all ages. Learning about the human body has never been so fun or sweet. I heart guts!

4) Great Paintings By Women Artists



This Coloring Book lets your child get creative while they learn the artwork of master women painters like Frida Kahlo, Grandma Moses, Mary Cassatt, and more. Amazon










5) Nature Kaleidoscope Making Set



This make-your-own kaleidoscope kit includes parts to make an 8 1/2" kaleidoscope, as well as dried flowers, polished gemstones, glass marbles, and minerals to create the patterns inside. Fabulous decals are also included to decorate the outside of your kaleidoscope.  Amazon




6) Makies Dolls

602433f335bf367bfb5cf3ff0aa7cedeThe beauty of Makies is that your child custom designs their 3-D printed doll by selecting the doll's size, shape, skin color, hair type etc. Now Makies has further improved their custom service by expanding their accessories line to include items hearing aids, and walking sticks  to represent dolls with disabilities. Brilliant. Makies




7) Crazy Crayons Eco Stars



Crazy Crayons recycles stick crayons to create these gorgeous Eco friendly star crayons. Amazon








8) Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit

Crystal Growing Kit

Experiment with crystallization using the fifteen experiments in this kit. Grow crystals on plaster shapes, use dyes to form colored crystals, and much more. Amazon





9) Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

MicroscopeFor the curious child who is interested in learning about science and exploration.  Amazon


10) Lithographs T-Shirts

Lithograph TshirtThis company hand presses the full text of your favorite classic children's book, on your new favorite t-shirt, tote bag or poster. A sweet and sentimental gift for your favorite avid reader. Lithograph






11) Candy Chemistry

2002288This set is pretty fun! You supply the safe ingredients from your kitchen and Candy Chemistry supplies the supplies for experiments while you learn the science behind making candy! National Geographic






12) An Original Illustration by Roaring Softly

Malala Print by Roaring Softly on EtsyIt's never too early to appreciate original art. Whether it's a SheHero, their own portrait, or their favorite fictional character, an original illustration is a great gift that will keep giving for years,if not decades to come. Etsy






13) Astronomical Gifts 

Observatory Star FindsThe Griffith Observatory shop online has everything from nebula printed socks to beginner telescopes for your favorite star gazer, or better yet, consider a membership or tickets to a laser show for the family at your local observatory. Griffith Observatory






14) Gallery Studio 82 Piece Deluxe Art Supplies Case

Art CaseTwenty-four color pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, 2 paint  brushes and 2 drawing pencils and accessories should get any young aspiring artist started. Amazon






15) Color Her: Mix 'N Match Coloring Book By Iris Glaser and Katrin Leblond

home-hero-product-image This is a book of female icons, ranging from mythological to contemporary figures. The results of the mixing up the figures results in fantastic portraits appealing to all ages and backgrounds. Colour Her







16) Little Bits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit

We love this easy-to-use  invention kit. Step by step instructions for 12 inventions that can be hacked hundreds more ways while your child expands their math, science, art and technology skills. Pretty cool! Little Bits


17) Mathematical Scarves

1ac3_mathematical_scarvesThese scarves are a great gift for your math loving fashionista. The come in black and white and in three different math symbols, The Golden Ratio, Infinity, or Pi. Thinkgeek






18) Rad American Women A -Z

A book booRadWomenk that teaches the alphabet while offering a beautifully illustrated list of great American women and discusses what it is to be rad and "radical". The list is made up of 26 brilliant diverse women spanning several centuries. From artists and abolitionists, scientists and suffragettes, to rock stars and rabble-rousers, they are all agents of change. CityLights Books





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