By Mariah Loeber; Crossposted with permission from Fem-S.T.E.M.

When parents Anouk Charles & Benoit Fries decided that they wanted their 7-year-old daughter, Luana, to have some positive and inspiring role models, their small company LuanaGames came about.  They took initiative to do research and create a game that would teach their daughter about women who had an active share in science and made history.

Charles and Fries were disappointed that everyone knew actresses and singers off the top of their heads, but that it didn’t seem as though people were even aware of a lot of female scientists.  So, with the inspiration from Hockey cards, they decided to create a card game that would teach their girl about women who had a significant impact on science. The game was called “Women in Science”.

The game includes 44 different women in science (16 more available in the expansion pack), including women like Ada Lovelace, Rose Dieng-Kuntz, and Chien-Shiung Wu.  Most of the illustrations show what the women did in their careers, and if the pictures don’t, the blurbs at the bottom of each card explain why each woman was significant.

On top of this, when you visit the LuanaGames website, you can find articles about these women and the amazing feats they accomplished.  The articles go into more detail about these women and exactly what they did, and how they lived their lives.

You can actually play the game right online, or download a free PDF version of it.  However, the actual game itself is only $12 USD (with an added $6 USD if you purchase the Women in Space Expansion Pack) and looks well worth the money.  Looking at the available online game and PDF version may help you decide if you and your children are even interested in the game at all.

Have a blast!

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