Behind the scenes on the advisory board: Meet Cathy

Dr. Cathy Cohn

Dr. Cathy Cohn

Since we conceived of SheHeroes, Dr. Cathy Cohn has been a source of wisdom.  She brings 12 years experience as a school psychologist and school social worker, teaches resilience/preventative psychology strategies at the college level, and maintains a private psychotherapy practice with youth.

Cathy's most important role has been sharing her experience working with kids in diverse economic settings, and understanding what is healthy for kids.  We need our programming to be healthy and effective for youth, and Cathy helps us to understand how to do this.  For example, understanding the importance of featuring SheHeroes with career diversity, character, who are doing what they love, and "Everyday Heroes" - not just the famous that youth can be exposed to something that fits them, and do not feel additional pressure to achieve.

Her emphasis on preventative programs won her an Impact on Education award several years ago.  Through her service in many schools, she also brings great connections to educators and parent communities.

We are very grateful for Cathy's passion for the effort at SheHeroes, and her deep caring for youth and adults makes her a hero to me personally.

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