Bring Back Ruby

I recently came across something posted on Facebook that captured my eye. It was a blog post about a campaign from the Body Shop that had launched in the late nineties known as “the Ruby Campaign.” The Ruby campaign was part of a bigger ‘‘Love Your Body’’ campaign from the store.

The Body Shop wanted to break away from the fashion industry’s notion that there was one ideal body for all women. The ‘‘Ruby’’ ad showed a redheaded, decidedly Rubenesque nude doll (hence the name Ruby) lounging on a green velvet sofa. The headline read: ‘‘There are 8 billion women who don’t look like supermodels and only 8 who do.’’

The campaign began in the United States with in-store posters and an ad in Self magazine. Unfortunately shortly after the campaign launched Mattel issued a cease and desist order against the campaign.

Pictures of Ruby seemed to resurface lately and I wonder if maybe it’s because the way companies market towards women has only gotten worse since the late 90s. Maybe Ruby is resurfacing because we need her real beauty more than ever.

Everywhere we turn there are companies forcing unrealistic beauty ideals on not just us, but our young daughters and sons as well. Skechers is pushing shoes to tone up girls behinds; Abercrombie is selling push-up bras while Barbie is still out there pushing big breasts and tiny waists.

Now would be the best time for The Body Shop to bring back Ruby. Bring back the message that we should love our bodies in all their beautiful curves.

What do you think? Is it time The Body Shop brought back Ruby?

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