Caregivers are SheHeroes Too

We here at SheHeroes are always looking to celebrate and thank the SheHeroes in the world that are working to make the world a better place. There are so many SheHeroes all over the world, different ages all working in so many different ways that’s impossible to thank all of them.

But there is one group of SheHeroes (and heroes for that matter) who make the biggest difference, caregivers. As a mom I think I have a small idea of what it is to be a caregiver. But just a small idea. Take a moment to think about the fact that those with chronic diseases, disabilities and special needs don’t get a holiday break. Which means their caregivers don’t get a holiday either. From our earliest years to our final ones, caregivers, family and friends provide a vital service to young children, the ill and disabled, and to the growing number of elderly Americans.

Did you know (source):

• 66% of family caregivers are women.

• 37% of caregivers have grandchildren or children under 18 years old living with them.

• 13% of family caregivers are providing 40 hours of care a week or more, day in, day out.

• 14% of family caregivers care for a special needs child; ~16.8 million care for special needs kids under 18 years old.

• Family caregivers provide long-term care nationwide exceeding medicaid long-term sending in all states.

That’s why during this holiday season we’d like you to give thanks to the SheHeroes and Heroes who look after your kids, give your mom her physical therapy, or check in on your disabled uncle. Tell the caregivers in your life how much you appreciate them. Share this video, along with a heartfelt, personalized thank you.

For me personally, my mom takes care of my grandma and I sometimes forget what dedication and love it takes to be a caregiver. This is why I’m happy to help to spread the word about We Give a Care.

And if you ARE the caregiver in your life, we’d like to take a moment to say thank you.

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