Don’t Call Me Princess

Don’t call me princess.
I know wrapped in my adorable pink blanket and dressed in my cute pink onesie, it’s easy to make that mistake.
It’s easy to call me princess.
But don’t.
I am so much more than a little pink doll with a pink perfect smile.
I am so much more than sugar and spice and everything nice.
Don’t trap me into a title.
Not that title at least.
Think of something better.
Don’t call me princess.

I will grow older and I may not like pink shoes.
I might wear blue. I might wear black.
I might want more to my life than being a princess.

I might want to be a knight.
I might want to be a cowboy.
I might want to be a doctor, an explorer or a scientist.
I might want to be president.
I might not want to be just a princess.

You can call me smart, sassy, loud, tough, smart, creative, intuitive, amazing, pickle or peanut.
Just please, don’t call me princess.

There are so many wonderful things for me to be in the world.
And there are millions of colors for me to paint the world. So many more colors than just pink.
How boring would my life be if it was just colored in pink?

In my world I may enjoy playing hard and getting dirty and smelly.
Sometimes in my world I may want pretty dresses and shoes.
Or I may like both, or neither.
Either way, I will decide and let you know.

You will always be welcomed and loved in my world.
As long as you let me color it with my own colors in and out of the lines.
And as long as you don’t call me princess.

Because really, don’t I deserve more?

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