EdCuration Podcast Featuring SheHeroes!

We are delighted to share a new video with you that delivers a deep dive exploration of SheHeroes STEM Career Path Curriculum.

Recently SheHeroes was honored to be featured on the award-winning Edcuration podcast hosted by Kristi Hemingway. Edcuration is a curriculum marketplace leader, and their podcasts showcase the best curriculum products available to educators.

Edcuration invited recent participants of the free SheHeroes STEM Career Path Curriculum to discuss their experiences using the curriculum in the classroom. The podcast features:

  • Jasonn Denard, middle school principal of College Achieve Paterson, a network of charter schools in Paterson, New Jersey.
  • Melissa Mendizabal, middle school science teacher at College Achieve Paterson
    Davianny Delgado Corsino, a 7th grade student at College Achieve Paterson

We encourage you to watch this fascinating discussion, which presents three different perspectives on the SheHeroes curriculum--principal, teacher, and student. The topics explored are:

  • What is the STEM Career Path Curriculum?
  • Why would a teacher or school use these materials?
  • The many different ways to teach or use the curriculum, either as stand-alone units or in combination with other teaching materials and subjects
  • What students like best about the curriculum
  • What are the benefits of having these enrichment resources?

SheHeroes’ mission is to inspire girls to dream big for their futures through a website featuring video profiles of successful women in diverse careers: www.sheheroes.org. We created our first curriculum to help guide girls into discovering how their current interests can take them into fulfilling and exciting STEM career paths. These materials can be used independently by students or taught by teachers in the classroom.

By engaging in these lessons, students –-girls and boys--will take a deep dive not only to learn about a wide range of possible STEM careers, but to also discover themselves in the process. There are 4 individual units—The Creators, The Explorers, The Observers and The Analysts. Each unit stands alone and taps into different natural personal traits or qualities a student may identify with to engage them into a deeper exploration of the exciting careers they might enjoy.

Educators and students can download individual units or the entire curriculum. Through this educational experience, all students can see the possibilities to apply their strengths and interests to any STEM career. Students will discover a diverse group of female STEM Pioneers that have been breaking glass ceilings and inspire students to push through their own barriers and achieve their dreams.

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