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One of the great things about social media is the amazing ability to constantly connect with people and other organizations that share a similar mission as SheHeroes. We also get the chance to hear inspiring and uplifting stories of SheHeroes from all over the world, all walks of life, and of all ages. Sometimes those stories strike me so much I have to share them in a way that is slightly above and beyond the usual Facebook status. This is the story of a great organization in Canada, Girl Power, a little girl named Eva and her mom.

GirlPower is (according to their website) a program designed to help girls understand girls. The goal of the program is to inspire young girls to feel empowered, develop a strong sense of self, and love themselves while maintaining healthy friendships/relationships.

Eva is an 8-year-old 3rd grader at a French immersion public school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who attended one of GirlPower’s Mother-Daughter workshops, "The Language of Friendship" with her mom. Eva left the workshop both inspired and compelled to share the tools she’d learned with others.

Dana at GirlPower told me about the "Language of Friendship" workshop that Eva attended with her Mom. “Everyone learned the basics of friendship - the 4 Friendship Facts, the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships, and how to stand up for yourself (and why it's so important). Girls role-played with their moms and moms learned ways to support their daughters at home. It's a pretty special workshop - watching moms and their daughters laugh, hold hands, and bond.”

Eva instantly began teaching her younger sisters, Sophia (grade 1) and Laila (preschooler) the lessons she’d learned at the workshop, but decided to take it even further by sharing the program with her classmates. So she wrote a letter to her school principal. “I wanted all the girls in my school to cooperate better together. That would make it easier for everyone to just play, have fun and learn. When I took the GirlPower class I felt better. It made me feel like I could help my friends understand how to play nice and how to take care of a bully. That’s why I asked my Principal to have the program at my school.”

Eva’s principal was so impressed with the idea that Eva (along with Dana) was invited to present her idea in front of school council. Eva wrote about what she had learned at the workshop and why she felt they were things her classmates needed to learn as well. Eva’s mom read the write up in front of the council and Dana also discussed the program.

The group was very excited about the idea and Dana at GirlPower is now in discussions with the council about ways they can bring the program to Eva’s school.

Eva is the kind of SheHero we love to hear about here at SheHeroes. Girls who are not afraid to use their voice and make a difference, are the girls who go on to change the world.

The lesson of Eva’s story? You are never too young to find your voice and use it to make changes in your school, your neighborhood, your community and even farther.

We’d like to give a huge SheHero thank you to GirlPower, Eva’s mom and most importantly Eva herself for sharing your story. We couldn’t be prouder to share it!

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