Give your Mom the Gift of SheHeroes this Mother's Day

As the pandemic shutdown drags on we have willingly relinquished much of our normal lives to protect the people we love. And oh how we love them! So much has fallen away, revealing to us all that what remains is the fierce bond we share with those we love. A hug, a kiss, a hand on your shoulder when you need it, we are longing to reconnect fully with our family and friends.

So this Mother's Day is unlike all others. There won't be any parties, barbecues or big family get-togethers; this will be a day when we simply cherish our mothers for all that they mean to us. Whether your mom is with you during quarantine, or apart, she's still that irreplaceable woman whose bond only you and she can share.

It's difficult to ask for donations during a time when so many are dealing with hardship, but like many nonprofits, SheHeroes relies on donor support to enable us to ensure that our resources are always FREE to educators, after school programs, and parents/kids.

We ask you to consider honoring your mother with a gift to SheHeroes. Without her you might not have become the SheHero you are today. On her special day you can show your Mom that she's YOUR SheHero by making a donation to SheHeroes in her name.

We will feature her name in our website or in our newsletter as part of our special tribute to mothers this Mother's Day.

Just click on the button to go to our Donate page. Enter your Mom's name in the note section of the Paypal form.

$100 - listing on Mother’s day tribute newsletter
$1000 -  website tribute
$5000 - production of a SheHeroes video in her field of choice

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