Grace for President

We’ve already had our first book fair of the school year. We love books in our house and always look forward to the book fairs we have throughout the year in the school library. Though honestly I have to admit sometimes my kids are drawn to stuff that has the familiar logos and names on them instead of venturing into books that they may not recognize off the bat. Dora, Tinkerbell and Star Wars, and those familiar names are always the first place that my kids are drawn too. But this time my daughter (smart as she is) headed for the cheaper book section (which is a plus in it’s own way) and started looking at some more unfamiliar books.

One of the books she ended up choosing was “Grace for President” written by Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by LeUyen Pham. It’s about a little girl named Grace who, when learning about the Presidents in school, notices the glaring omission of any girls in the lesson. The teacher explains that, “The truth is, our country has never had a woman president.” Grace is shocked.

The teacher is then inspired to hold a school election in which Grace runs for President against one of the most popular boys. The book is a VERY realistic and simple look at how elections work and also at the sad truth that there has yet to be a woman president.

I loved loved loved reading this to my 6-year-old first grader. Grace is a spunky young politician who takes her election and the issues surrounding the school very seriously. My daughter not only had me read it to her a number of times, but she then took it to school and asked her teacher to read it, which she very happily did sparking a conversation within my daughters class about elections and having a woman president.

What an absolutely pleasant find in the shelves of our school book fair! I’m always up for kids book that showcase SheHeroes to help inspire my own little SheHero and this one fits the bill. I'd love to know what inspiring children’s book you have found lately? Please leave it in the comments, and help me put together a great list for a future blog post here on the SheHeroes blog.

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