Guest Post "Ice Cream and Hot Drinks Friendraiser" by Stacey Abbott

Sue's note: This is a guest post from SheHeroes friend Stacey Abbott.  Photos by Rob Clark.



Bliss Ice Cream Tasting, Peet's Coffee, Twin Peaks Liquor and Costco sponsored the event

Bliss Ice Cream Tasting, Peet's Coffee, Twin Peaks Liquor and Costco sponsored the event

Do you ever think “I am so glad that I left the house”? It was one of those nights: cold, my husband was out-of-town and I was just plain tired with work and 3 kids. But a good friend, mentor and "SheHero" of mine, Kris Pederson, was hosting an event in her home to learn more about SheHeroes. She had told me a little about the group and with two young daughters and a desire to help young girls reach their full potential I decided I couldn't miss it. And am I glad that I went!

When I arrived I was blown away by the women (and men) in the room. There were women of all ages, professions and backgrounds all there with a common desire to support this important new group. After an inspiring introduction by some of the SheHero founding members we went around the room describing what we hoped to achieve by getting involved with SheHeroes. Oh the wonderful stories! There was an amazing contingent of women from the University of Colorado with statistics and anecdotes about the females in the school of business. They provided insights on what has inspired and what has held back the women they meet entering the business world. There was a story about a mom who told her sons about her presentation to the Jefferson County School board regarding budgeting issues and how impressed they were that she was more than "just a mom." There was a woman who works with Latina youths and sees the lack of female role models in their community and the potential for using the SheHero videos to "light a spark" for these remarkable girls. And this just a small sample of what we shared. Some of the stories were funny and others were more heartfelt, but it was amazing how such a wide variety of people could share this overwhelming passion to achieve the goals She Heroes is working toward.

The enthusiasm and the ideas that poured out of the group were contagious. I spent the whole car ride home with my friend that came with me brainstorming ideas and ways that we could become more involved. I hope if you are reading this and considering hosting your own event that you'll go for it and help spread the word about this fantastic organization.

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