Guest Post - Stefy Interviews Chief Tracie Keesee

Stefy Bautista from Girls Inc. of Metro Denver has this to say about her amazing interview with Chief Tracie Keesee, head of Research, Training and Technology with the Police department in Denver, Colorado.

"Meeting someone like Chief Keese was inspiring. She was a pregnant teen who did not give up on her life. Now a days you're pregnant & you go find a job anywhere, but she didn't, she strived for much more. With support from people who love you anything is possible.

She reminded me that if you want something the only thing stopping you is yourself. Now she is the division chief of a male dominant career which she seems to handle with much ease. When I met her I was scared at first but then I realized she was just like anyone else, down to earth. She joked and laughed as we talked but as she kept telling me her story I kept wondering 'Does anything ever stop you?'

I would love to meet more people like her who help the community and also are very successful women that overcome adversity."

[Sue's Note:  We retaped this interview originally done in November, because we had an equipment malfunction which made the original audio tough to hear.  This one was perfect, and the interview was again amazing!  Stay Posted for the video.]

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