Happy International Women's Day!

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? More importantly what do you want it to mean to your daughter? For me personally, it’s the million faces of woman who have come before me and paved a million different paths for women across the world. It’s the women who have paved the way in politics, sports, business, and science. It’s the women who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. Women who’ve dedicated their lives so their daughters will have more than they did. Women who have given up everything so that other woman could have an education, a healthier longer life or the right to vote.

And when I think about what I want it to mean to my own daughter, I want it to mean being thankful for all that the women who have come before her have done. But even more importantly I want her to be aware and willing to work hard for towards all that still remains to be done in order to achieve gender equality in all areas of the world.

Here are a few ways you can involve, educate and inspire the girls in your life and in your community, because making a difference in the global community means starting right in your local community.

  • Arrange virtual trips for the young SheHeroes in your life to meet and talk to women working in the areas of science, technology, engineering or math.
  • Support local women’s sports by finding out how you can support local women's sports during the times of Covid.
  • Lead a Girl Scout troop.
  • Volunteer at your local museum and help put together a virtual exhibit displaying the history of local women.
  • And last but not least visit SheHeroes! The main purpose of our videos is to help inspire and educate girls so that they know the possibilities open to them are limitless. And they can truly be anything they want to be.

Happy International Women’s Day!

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us in the comments what International Women’s Day mean to you and what do you want it to mean to your daughter?

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