Ayesha McGowan



Ayesha McGowan

Ayesha is working at becoming the first African-American female professional cyclist. Like SheHeroes, Ayesha also believes you've got to see it, to be it. While cycling Ayesha couldn't help but notice that the vast majority of cyclists were white and there was not a lot of racial diversity in the sport. She wants to change that and encourage more young girls and women of color to consider the sport.


Photos: A Quick Brown Fox

Ayesha started commuting by bicycle daily in Boston where she attended college in 2010. As a preschool music teacher in New York City, she continued to commute and started unsanctioned amateur racing before she took up road cycling in 2014. USA Cycling has a classification system for amateur racing. Amateur riders start racing at "Category (Cat) 5" and can go to "Cat 1," the highest ranking. Ayesha entered and won a Category 4 race at the 2014 New York State Criterium Championships in White Plains.  Two years later she has won three Category 3 races and is pursuing enough becoming a Cat 2 rider, bringing her that much closer of becoming an Elite racer or Cat 1 cyclist. You can follow Ayesha's races and thoughts as she attempts to make cycling history and build a community of women cyclists on her blog,  A Quick Brown Fox.

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