India Approves All Girl Military School

India is making a positive push to encourage more girls to pursue careers in the armed forces by opening an exclusive Sainik (military) School for girls. "Since the process involves a lot of financial approvals, it may take three to four years before the school starts. First, we will get the land transferred from the state government to the Defense Ministry and then the school infrastructure will be developed," a government official said.

The goal is actually two fold. Of course part of the goal would be to bring balance to the officers' cadre of the armed forces but to also bring quality public education to the “common man” according to a parliamentary committee report.

"Though there are no shortages in the number of women officers in the armed forces, the school is an idea whose time has come," the official said.

There are currently 5,137 women short service commission officers, 4,101 are in the Army, 784 in the Air Force and 252 in the Navy in India.

The step the government is taking to encourage more girls in pursuing careers in the armed forces is inspiring in itself. Though women in the Indian military do face similar issues faced by American women serving as well.

For instance, the Indian Air Force allows women serve in all streams except as fighter pilots. And in the Navy women can serve in all the streams but can't be posted on board ships and submarines that go out to sea.

In the United Stated women make up 20% if the military currently serving. Have you ever talked to the SheHero in your life about joined the military? This story is a great chance to open up a discussion about women serving with the young girl in your life. Ask her if she would want to attend a school like this, and would she want to serve her country? Why or why not?

What do you think? Would more girl here in the U.S. pursue military careers if there more military schools that were all girls?

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