Life Changing Stress Management

A person walking outdoorsIt's pretty stressful starting a non-profit in the current economic climate. The mission is important, we care deeply about it, and we've been working hard for 7 months now.

Maybe that's why I cried upon opening an envelope with a major donation the other day, bringing our one month total to $32,000. Or maybe its because the donation was tangible proof that people care deeply and personally about the SheHeroes cause, and wanted to join all of us who have been working so hard.

Either way, my stress was getting out of control. There is an advantage to having an excellent psychologist on your board - even one who specializes in pediatric psychology. She sent me to a life changing and refreshingly data-based video series by Professor John Medina. I highly recommend his videos on the effects of exercise on the functioning of our brainsĀ Brain Rules on Effects of Exercise, and the effects of prolonged stress on the functioning of our brainsĀ Brain Rules on Effects of Prolonged Stress.

Life changing is a big word. But it's true. I reached out and asked two acquaintances to start jogging/walking, renegotiated my time with family, etc.

And now that my stress is more under control, this has been the most productive workweek in a while.

Photo credit: knittinging

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