More SheHeroes From the Pixel Project

All you have to do is peruse our videos of the many SheHeroes we have interviewed here to know that there are a million different reasons why we would call someone a SheHero.  And one amazing reason would be women who have transformed Personal Pain into Positive Action. Over at the Pixel project they recently made a listen of 16 women who have done just that in the article, 16 Female Rols Models: Transforming Personal Pain into Positive Action.

According to their blog,

“Many of these wonderful women have shown that it is possible to transform personal pain that came out of facing gender-based violence, into positive action to stop violence against women, empower themselves and to show other survivors that it is possible to move forward with dignity and happiness. They have refused to let bitterness and pain get the better of them, opting to stand up for themselves and for other women instead.”

We here at SheHeroes recommend that on top of the women we’ve showcased here on our website, that you and your child read about the 16 amazing women profiled by the Pixel Project.

And remind your child that anyone can be a SheHero.

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