Own the words

Fun.  Inspiring.  Empowering.  Communal.  Heroic.

Words we long to connect with, but seldom contemplate within ourselves.

SheHeroes is not just about exposing our youth to free, non-commercial media that lets tweens experience genuine, diverse, heroic women and learning about potential careers. 

It’s not just about connecting tweens with adults in their lives through meaningful conversations, and developing the positive relationships that research shows will help prevent things like teen pregnancy, drug use, cutting and suicide later on.

It’s not just about teens with great organizations like Girl Scouts and Girls Inc learning about journalism by interviewing amazing women.

It is about us standing up for what we believe in. And it's personal, because it's about me, our staff and advisors, all of the people have helped us through the last 7 months.

And it's about YOU.

Our first interview will be with Marion Downs, the pioneering audiologist who opened the first infant hearing screening center in the US, exercise fanatic, and a woman who celebrated her 90th birthday by sky diving.

Join us.  Learn more.  Give us feedback.  Care.  Our children are worth it.

Own the words:  Fun.  Inspiring.  Empowering.  Communal.  Heroic.

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