Episode 20: Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee-Schmidt, Designer for Play Portfolio Director at Ideo

Michelle Lee-Schmidt Discussion Questions

After watching Michelle’s video, what advice did you get from her for pursuing a career?

Is there an activity or interest that you’re passionate about that might lead you to a career in that area? Have you ever done an internet search to find out what careers could be related to your interests?

Michelle had to try things she didn’t like to do, such as working in aerospace, to figure out how to move her career into another direction. Have you had an experience like that ---When doing something you didn’t like helped you to find out what you do like?

Does the idea of being an engineer sound interesting to you? Do you like to figure out how things work?

Michelle’s lifelong love of playing, drawing, and making things finally led her to invent her own dream job. What’s your favorite play activity? If you could make it into a job, what would that job be?

Why is it so important to “pursue your passion” as Michelle says?

Think of a time when you felt you ‘failed’ at something. Did that experience make you feel defeated or depressed? Can you think of some ways where that experience gave you more insight or understanding about yourself?

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