Meet Your SheHero: Asher Jay

What does it take to become an “influencer?” Passion! Asher Jay is a designer, artist, writer, National Geographic emerging explorer, and creative conservationist influencer. But to meet her in person is to witness a force of nature. Asher’s passion for art and wildlife has taken her around the world to document declining wildlife populations, poaching, and ocean pollution. She is a leading figure in the new global trend that brings art to the forefront of activist efforts to protect captive and wild animals, the natural environment, and eventually our common future.

Asher uses art, poetry, sculpture, animation, online media, and her sheer force of personality to help save the planet. She has dedicated her career to raising awareness of biodiversity loss and the importance of sustainable development. Her art has been used in conservation campaigns for rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers, sea turtles and more.

“Art makes life more intuitive, more perceptible. It makes learning more personal. People have genuine moments of epiphany, and art’s ability to evoke an “aha” moment in a person, is addictive, because it triggers the right hormones in our system, makes us positively associate with the content we are assimilating. Then we translate that to the next person, because we’ve seen something that they haven’t, which makes the narrative contagious.”

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