Meet Your SheHero with Winky Lux Make-Up CEO Natalie Mackey

Natalie Mackey is the CEO and Co-founder of Winky Lux, a clean, joyful beauty brand available in Target, Ulta, and the Winky Lux experience stores. As a former fashion executive and current product junkie, Natalie followed her personal passion into the beauty space in 2015. She raised venture capital to commercialize the brand to more than 100 million in retail sales. Natalie enjoys writing about the future of commerce, building product communities, and closing the female funding gap. 

Winky Lux made quite a splash when it debuted. The brand's identity is "where science meets sass." With bold packaging and bright palettes,  Winky Lux brings serious flair and fun to the ever fascinating world of make-up. Winky Lux even has a lipstick that will change color according to your PH balance! The company is plastic neutral, thoughtfully sourced, clean and cruelty-free.  Natalie will be showing us some Winky Lux products and answering ALL your make-up questions, including how does a woman succeed in the fiercely competitive make-up industry? 

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