SheHeroes Ep. 14 Theresa Strickland

Theresa Strickland

Theresa Strickland is the Chief Executive Officer of BrandWave Design. She built her business, a home furnishings company, on the idea that everyone wants to be a designer. Theresa is also an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University where she mentors women of all ages.

Discussion Questions

  1. Theresa Strickland is the Chief Executive Officer of BrandWave Design. Before that, she had many different leadership positions at several big companies. How do you think her experiences at those jobs prepared her to become the CEO of her new smaller design company?
  2. After Theresa had a degree in design and had been working professionally for a while, she decided to go back to school for a masters degree in business. Why do you think she decided to return to school? Do you see learning as a lifelong experience? What different kinds of skills would you like to learn at this stage in your life?
  3. Although it may not always be common for someone to like both the creative and scientific fields, Theresa loves both design and the mathematical and financial aspects of business. Do you think these skills helped Theresa develop the app she discusses in the video? Have you used two very different skills to complete a project that you were proud of?
  4. Theresa didn’t face a lot of discrimination as a woman buyer traveling the world but talks about the importance of women taking on leadership positions.  She goes out of her way to mentor women of all ages at Santa Clara University where she is an adjunct professor. She suggests if you want something to change that you should jump in and do something to change it. Is there something important to you that you would like to see changed? What would you do to change it? How would you encourage others to make change?
  5. Theresa was told that she should be flexible about who her clients might be. Have you had an idea of what someone might be like and found them to be very different from your expectations? Have you been in many situations that were different from what you expected? If so, what did you learn from those experiences?
  6. Theresa’s advice to young women and men is to stop putting so much pressure on yourself and that leaders don’t have to have all the answers. Do you put pressure on yourself? Why do you think she says that leaders’ don’t have to have all the answers?
  7. Theresa has been married for 30 years and talks about having a good partner in life to support you is very important. Who in your life do you share your goals with? Who supports you in your dreams and aspirations?

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