SheHeroes Ep. 13: Captain Rebecca Murga

Captain Rebecca Murga is a Public Affairs Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. She is also an award-winning filmmaker in Los Angeles working as a writer, director, and producer. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, in a low-income neighborhood, Rebecca didn’t imagine herself as a filmmaker because she didn't have many role models in the arts. Today she's combined her love of filmmaking and her passion for veteran's and women’s issues to tell award-winning stories.

Rebecca MurgaRebecca produces and directs short films, commercials, and digital series in both English and Spanish and her work has been featured on Mundo Fox, ABC, CBS, and AFN.  In 2013, Rebecca wrote and directed the film The Letter. The Letter is one of five short films directed by veterans for ABC TV’s Home for the Holidays campaign. In 2015 she was selected for the AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women.  As a part of the program, she completed her short film American Girl in 2016. Rebecca is currently in pre-production on her short film One Halloween. You can find more about Rebecca on her website.


Discussion Questions

  1. Captain Rebecca Murga has a career in the military and also a career in film. After seeing Rebecca Murga, do you believe it is possible to have more than one career goal? Do you have aspirations to pursue more than one career?
  1. During her time in the military, Rebecca had the opportunity to help provide medical services to women while in Afghanistan. She is very passionate about both veteran’s and women’s issues. She has used her love of filmmaking to bring these two passions together by telling the stories of women veterans and their families. What things are you passionate about?
  1. Growing up as a young Latina in Chicago, Illinois, Rebecca did not have filmmakers around her and was not exposed to the idea of becoming one. It wasn’t until she was in college and had exposure to different things that she considered filmmaking as an option. What kinds of career goals do you imagine for yourself? Do you see women in your community in those careers?
  1. How did Captain Murga’s skills in the military apply to her future in filmmaking? Do you have a specific skill or talent that you think could apply in a field you hope to learn one day?
  1. Rebecca speaks about the importance of having a mentor; do you admire someone in your community who can become your mentor? If not, how do you think you can seek out a mentor? Can you use social media to connect with women you admire?
  1. Rebecca’s advice to girls is to be yourself, don’t be afraid of failure or too afraid to try. When you think of succeeding, do you think of failure as a part of the process? How would accepting failure as part of the process help you to succeed?
  1. How did being emotional help Rebecca realize her dream of making films? How do you think your personality can help you in your pursuit of your dreams?

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