SheHeroes Episode 1: Cleo Parker Robinson

Cleo Parker Robinson, internationally celebrated dance teacher, choreographer and founder of her own dance studio, inspires dancers at all levels and with various challenges to use dance to discover themselves and like who they are.

Discussion Questions

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  1. Because of her race, Cleo was unable to attend school, live in certain places, and eat in certain restaurants. How do you think Cleo Parker Robinson felt? Have you ever been discriminated against because of your race, gender, religion, or other differences?
  2. Cleo talks about dance improving mental skills. Do you think exercise helps you think better?
  3. Cleo says that the most important thing is to like who you are and be authentic. What does that mean to you? Can you think of times when you have been authentic and when you have not? Does being authentic, or being true to yourself, help or hurt you with friends?
  4. Cleo loves to dance and was lucky to get a job teaching dance to others. What do you love to do and can you think of a way to turn that into a job?
  5. Did Cleo inspire you to follow your dreams and find a job that you love to do?

Listen as Cleo discusses with Nicole of Girl Scouts of Colorado the importance of having role models that you identify with and that inspire you. Cleo also explains how she overcame being discriminated against for not being black or white and encourages people to be themselves and accepting of others.

Cleo’s advice to our listeners is to follow your dreams and be committed to living, be good to people, try lots of things and then select at least one thing to become really good at doing.

Thank you to our SheHeroes interview team! From Girl Scouts of Colorado, interviewers Nicole Conklin and Carly Fabian. Behind the scenes, anchor and editor Stephanie May and episode researcher Gloria Yang.

And extra big thanks to our SheHero, Cleo Parker Robinson. This episode was filmed on location at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio.

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