SheHeroes Episode 17: Dr. Angela Belcher

{"type":"block","srcClientIds":["7dba8dc9-e36f-49c1-9b1c-7659254823ec"],"srcRootClientId":""}Dr. Angela Belcher takes nanomaterials found in nature and uses them to build non-toxic versions of items like batteries and solar panels. She is a material scientist and biological engineer.

  1. Dr. Angela Belcher's curiosity about plants and animals as a child led to her to study biology; this eventually led to her career as a biological engineer and materials scientist. Do you think its important to be curious about the things around you? Are there things you are curious about? What could you study that you are curious about? Do you think you could make a career out of what you are curious about?
  2. Dr. Belcher didn't have the best grades and has dyslexia (problems reading). But she has drive and the need to make her place in the world. She's taken the obstacles she's faced in life (like barely being able to read) and used them to her advantage instead of letting them stop her. Are there challenges or obstacles you have in life? Do you let stop you or do you work around them, like Dr. Belcher?
  3. Dr. Belcher plays to her strengths of being able to see molecules in her head. What strengths do you have that you could play up?
  4. Dr. Belcher has a different way of looking at things that she brings to her work in cancer. Because of her, they are looking at how to cure cancer through a new, different approach. Is there a problem in your life that you could look at differently, from a new angle? How could looking at things differently help you?
  5. Because she doesn't excel in reading and writing, Dr. Belcher thinks her strength is that she is a good public speaker. Are there things that help you excel? Things that help your strengths?

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