SheHeroes Episode 5: Professor Patty Limerick

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Patty Limerick is the Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado. As well as teaching, Patty is a leading historian on the American West, writing books and consulting on documentaries on the subject. She is a recipient of the MacArthur Genius Grant award.

In her interview with Stefy Bautista, she discusses her wanting to be a writer at an early age and how history helped supply her with endless stories she’d use to gain her parents attention at the dinner table when she was young. Patty also talks about the importance of staying courageous even when in the depths of fear.

Discussion Questions

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  1. Two classmates wanted to fight Patty. Has someone ever tried to bully you? What did you do?
  2. On her first day of college Patty felt alone and uncomfortable. Have you ever felt out of place or shy? How did you handle it? What else might you have done?
  3. As a teacher Patty has to maintain leadership and confidence. What are some times when you’ve been a leader?
  4. Patty explains that she does things that sensible people will not do. What have you done that might be considered different than other people around you and why?
  5. Courage had helped Patty grow through life, even when she was still afraid. When have you been courageous?

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Special thanks to interviewer Stefy Bautista of Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, behind the scenes, anchor and editor Stephanie May, episode researcher Gloria Yang and SheHero Patty Limerick.

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