SheHeroes Episode 6: Adrienne Rivera

Adrienne Rivera, Aerospace Engineer and Paralympic Gold Medalist, talks to SheHeroes about the many obstacles she’s faced over the years to become a Gold Medal Skier and her success in the field of Aerospace Engineering, a field still dominated by men.

At age 14, Adrienne survived Bone Cancer, but not before losing her leg to the disease. Despite her disability she took up skiing only to rise to the top, taking home both a Gold and Bronze Medal in the 1994 Paralympic Games in Norway. After her success in sports she pursued a career that had interested her since her days as a Girl Scout, Engineering.

Adrienne Rivera has more than earned the title of SheHero by overcoming adversity and achieving her goals both as an Olympian and as an aerospace engineer.

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Discussion Questions

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  1. Adrienne gets help from a mentor at work to help her improve in her career. Who helps you improve at the things you do?
  2. Adrienne had to work hard in school to excel in math, so that she could follow her dreams of becoming an engineer. What subjects are more difficult for you and how do you work through the challenge?
  3. When Adrienne was younger she had cancer, but she was able to stay strong and work through her disabilities. What’s a challenge you’ve overcome and how’d you work through it.
  4. Setting goals helped Adrienne achieve her dream of winning a gold medal. What goals do you have and how do you plan to accomplish them?
  5. Sometimes Adrienne is discriminated against, but once she gets to know the person they work through their differences and it is no longer a problem. How do you work through times when you are discriminated against?

Special thanks to interviewer and producer Taylor Temby as well as Gloria Yang and SheHero Adrienne Rivera.

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