SheHero of the Week: Raye Mitchell

Raye Mitchell has a graduate degree in business and a law degree from Harvard. She operates a law firm out of her hometown of Oakland, CA and is a recipient of the Jefferson Award. All the makings of a true SheHero, right? Of course, but there’s more to Mitchell than that.

Her foundation, I C Hope: The Making a New Reality recently launched PROJECT G.U.R.L.S. (Growth, Unity, Respect, Leadership and Success) - a global initiative to engage girls of color in leadership development and utilizing their own voices to create change. Aside from the grassroots movement which includes help from Girls for A Change, Girls Moving Forward, OBG Adventure Camp and Cinnamongirls Inc. Project GURLS is also pushing for the 2012 Global G.U.R.LS. Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.

"It's a big deal. It is a game changer for girls of color and a journey toward a 2012 global leadership summit to be held in Washington, D.C.," said Mitchell. "It will be the first global summit, about, by and for girls of color."

Project G.U.R.L.S kicked off with an amazing launch in Oakland, CA, with the first ever G.U.R.L.S. Rock Summit. The event included many first ever offerings to girls of color including a partnership with international best sellers and authors of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, a unique cluster of Learning Centers covering STEM, entertainment & new media, entrepreneurship and healthy living and more.

Project G.U.R.L.S hopes that this event will be the first of many G.U.R.L.S. Rock Summits to take place across the nation.

We here at SheHeroes applaud Raye Mitchell and everyone at Project G.U.R.L.S for an amazing job! We know that helping inspire and mentor the SheHeroes is the most important job there is!

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