Shout-Out! 1465 Expert Volunteer Hours for SheHeroes

I am touched, and amazed, by the progress of the SheHeroes team. Thank you all so much for all of your work to get us this far! There is a lot of work that our viewers will never realize. Let's take a few moments to acknowledge and celebrate these quiet heroes!

This week we compiled a summary of the volunteer hours we have logged, in preparing for both some grant applications and our Q2 board meetings.

1,465 EXPERT volunteer hours. That is a HUGE number. How did we get there?

Sophia is teaching adolescent medicine at Stanford, and making time to be a wise and involved member. I can’t figure out how she does it. Penelope and Elizabeth volunteered for 10 hours per week, and it has turned into 15. With two young children at home, let's acknowledge that this is pretty much all of their free time.  MIT students Sreya Sengupta, Eddie Lei, and Hassani Turner spent their January doing research, and Fei Sun spent part of her summer. Richard Malinowski, our ex-McKinsey graphic artist, has helped extensively with our fundraising pitch and other materials. Joanne Hom, at Addis Creson, created our logo and the SheHero girls. Our amazing advisory board has provided constant consultation and input.

It doesn’t count towards volunteer hours, but Cynthia is doing such a great job on all aspects of our business, web and IT areas at a very very minimal cost, and Gloria Yang is our impressive summer fellow from MIT.

Many, many others have spent less than the 40 hours I used as the filter here. Thank you to all. We wouldn’t be here without you!

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