Spelling Archeologist

Though we may do our best to expose our SheHeroes and Heroes to inspiring images, gender barrier busting SheHeroes from history and anything that may help them strive to be more than what the media says they can be, sometimes the best sources of inspiration come from out of nowhere.

It’s rare in the afternoon during the week that we turn on the TV and watch something together. Usually if the TV is on and homework is done and I’m busy with dinner or working, the kids turn it on and half watch the Disney channel while they play with Legos or putter about the house.

But a few Tuesday’s back, during a rare quite moment, I picked up the remote myself and started flipping channels while my kids were playing. I stumbled across “Egypt Tuesday” on the Discovery Channel where the programming was all documentaries and shows having to do with Egypt. The one that was on at that particular moment was about KV-63. KV-63 is the most recently opened chamber in Egypt's Valley of the Kings pharaonic necropolis. It was initially believed to be a royal tomb, but is now believed to have been a storage chamber for the mummification process.

The documentary on KV-63 covered the discovery of the tomb and followed along all the way through the process of removing and opening the items found inside. I love that kind of stuff, and being big fans of the movie The Mummy, I wasn’t entirely surprised when my kids turned their attention to the film for a few minutes. I was surprised however when they sat down beside me on the couch. They watched for almost another two hours this documentary film footage of archeologists and Egyptologists discovering history.

Then they continued to watch after it was over and “Egypt Tuesday” continued with a special on King Tut. My kids were enthralled in learning about history, politics, geology and good old-fashioned treasure hunting. I was impressed with how well my 8 and 6-year-old’s attention was being held.

But the best part actually came the next day. “Mom” my daughter asked while sitting at the table drawing, “how do you spell Archeologist?” I couldn’t help but smile. “Why?” I asked. “Because that’s what I want to be when I grow up. And you and daddy can come visit me when I go places and whenever I find new treasure. I’m still going to be a singer though, when I’m home.”

I laughed. “You can be as many things as you want to be, and daddy and I would come visit you anywhere.” I spelled Archeologist for her and she wrote it down.

It was nice to be reminded that sometimes we don’t actually have to work for it. Sometimes our kids simply get it themselves. Sometimes they don’t see men or women or media messages. Sometimes, maybe not all the time, but sometimes they just see a really cool job that involves digging for treasure and decide that it sounds like the perfect job for them.

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