August 24, 2015
SUIT HER: Disrupting Gendered Fashions

By Lori Day There are lots of startups these days offering alternative clothing for children, but none that seek to bring to mainstream consumers the cool suit designs worn by female celebrities who are pushing the envelope. They push it because they can—  SUIT HER, a brand-new unique line of fun and diverse suits for girls aged 5 […]

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March 16, 2015
Are You Dressing Your Child for Success or Failure?

By Guest Contributor, Monica Lowry As SheHeroes' literature points out, career development starts during childhood, "but children often limit their career goals to out-dated stereotyped professions based on gender." It's obvious that if we want to start broadening the horizons and futures of girls, it’s vital to start when they're young. However, most children are […]

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September 9, 2013
“Princess park rangers” and “Space princesses”: Because gender stereotypes are inescapable, even on vacation.

This is a cross post from Rebecca Hains. The school year is starting. Families are returning home from their vacation travels with souvenirs and many fond memories; children are eager to tell their classmates what they did on their summer vacations. But unfortunately, many families’ travels brought them face-to-face with the hyper-gendered marketing that now targets […]

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