May 6, 2016
When the LEGO Friends Comic Went Viral: An Interview with Illustrator Maritsa Patrinos

Cross-posted with permission; by Dr. Rebecca Hains A comic titled “LEGO Friends” recently went viral, striking a chord with people by humorously pointing out that girls don’t need a separate line of LEGO toys. No, no—girls just need better female representation within existing LEGO sets: I was so taken by how well this cartoon encapsulates so many parents’ and advocates’ […]

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January 19, 2012
Why Challenging Lego Matters

It seems that everyday there is a new take on the great Lego Friends Debacle. Each one is just as thoughtful and brilliant as the next. All of our favorite friends and orgs have had something to say about the incident and happily, for me personally, even moms I know in real life and chat […]

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