Truth-in-Ads Campaign Aims to Stop Advertising That Hurts Our Kids

Will the real Julia Roberts please stand-up? The real Julia Robert's (left) next to her highly airbrushed image on the ad that UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned and declared "must not appear in its current form again" on the basis that it's "misleading."

  • 53% of 13 year-old girls are unhappy with their bodies; by the time they are 17, it will be 78%.
  • The 3 most common mental health issues amongst girls -- depression, low self-esteem  and eating disorders,-- can be linked to the images they see of themselves in the media.
  • And boys are impacted also, with 16% of High School boys suffering from disordered eating.

Enough is enough. Media images are posing one of the greatest dangers to both our SheHeroes AND Heroes today and it's time that we put an end to the madness in advertising. This is why we at SheHeroes urge you to sign the Truth-in-Advertising Act.

From Change.Org:

“When a prescription drug is making people sick, we ask for an investigation. When false, deceptive and "photoshopped" advertising -- creates anatomically impossible, fake, and unhealthy images of human bodies -- is making our children sick, in the absence of industry self-regulation, the body responsible for investigating deceptive advertising and protecting consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has a duty to step in and investigate what's making our kids (and adults too) sick. That’s why I’m asking you to join me and my family in supporting the passage and implementation of the bipartisan Truth in Advertising Act.

This legislation would direct the FTC to develop a regulatory framework for ads that materially change the faces and bodies of the people in them, in order to reduce the damage this type of advertising does to our children. We're not talking about regulating that making a blue sky bluer, or photoshopping away a fly-away hair. We're talking about ads that change the shape, size, proportion, color, and enhance or remove the features of the people in them.”

Sign the petition, then share with your friends and stop the media madness.




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