Women Earning More PhD's Than Men

2004628_05d734cbb1_oIt feels like we are constantly being bombarded with studies show how few women are involved in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). But a recent report about women in academia has shown that in some areas women are making some serious strides.

Last year was the first year in history that more PhD’s went to women than men. According to a recent report by the Council on Graduate Schools found that in the 2008-2009 school year women earned 50.4% of the doctoral degrees in the U.S. That is up from 44% in 2000.

Women still hold the minority in some fields while in others they are far outweighing men.

Last year women earned the following percentage of doctorates,

Engineering – 22%

Math and Science – 27%

Biological and Agricultural Sciences – 51%

Health Sciences – 70%

The study also shows another surprising statistic that women are gaining grown faster than men. The amount of women obtaining PhD’s in Math and computer science is up 7% form the previous year while men obtaining those same PhD’s are only up 4%.

Though the fact that more women are obtaining PhD’s is a cause for celebration it doesn’t change the huge gender wage gap that still exists in Academia. In fact according to the American Association of University Professors male faculty members earned $87,206 on average and their female counterparts made $70,600 in the 2009-10 academic year.

Hopefully as women hold the majority of PhD’s in this country the wage gap will start to decrease while the amount of women holding faculty and administration positions will increase.

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