Allison Tuttle

Aquarium Veternarian
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Erin Marie Williams

Evolutionary Biologist and Archaeologist
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Emily Calandrelli Shows Off Coolest Aspects Of Space In New FOX Show

We are excited to launch our Everyday Sheheroes series with the amazing Emily Calendrelli. In our interview with us she talks about her career, her interest in math as a girl, how the "imposter syndrome" is her biggest obstacle, and her awesome gig as a host on the new show Xploration Station. Emily Calendrelli interview […]
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Dr. Rebecca Hains on Ditching Photoshop for Healthy Girls

By Rebecca Hains; cross-posted with permission Yesterday, I spoke with CBC Radio about the Brave Girls Alliance’s #TruthInAds campaign, explaining why we’re asking advertisers to stop deceptively Photoshopping people’s bodies. The body alterations that are now routine in ads are contributing to a public health crisis—one disproportionately affecting children, teen girls, and women. I also shared […]
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Julia Child and the Joy of Imperfection

By Pia Guerrero, Executive Director Today would have been Julia Child’s 102nd birthday and here at SheHero’s we're celebrating. Child was the first woman inducted into the Culinary Institute of America’s Hall of Fame—and, for the record, my grandmother’s cousin. Growing up in my home I learned a lot about Julia, although less about her […]
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Cool Tech Toy Aims to Get Girls in STEM

Linkitz aims to capture girls' imaginations and teach them to program through play.
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The First Woman to Become an Engineer in Europe

Romanian pioneer in engineering, Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu, is considered Europe's first woman engineer.
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14 Year-Old Girls Create Way to Use Urine as Fuel

Four girls in Lagos, Nigeria figured out a way to use a liter of urine as fuel to get 6 hours of electricity from their generator.
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The First Chinese-American Woman Pilot

In 1932, Katherine Sui Fun Cheung was the first Chinese-American woman to get a private pilot's license. Read more...
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"It Was a Dark and Stormy Night"... Passing Down Your Favorite Stories and Books

It was a dark and stormy night. It’s a legendary line that has been used in books since 1830. But for me I associate that line with what was one of my favorite books in childhood. I was in the 4th grade the first time I read those words in the opening paragraph of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time.  It’s […]
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