Can Cyber School Help Your Gifted Child Flourish?

This is a guest post from writer and blogger, Jennifer Landis at Mindfulness Mama.  Raising a gifted child can be challenging.  We all want our children to grow and thrive and become better than we are, but when they're struggling because the school curriculum is boring them to tears, it's hard to know what to do. […]
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Why Unstructured Play Is Essential to Child Development

This is a guest post from writer and blogger, Jennifer Landis at Mindfulness Mama.  Unstructured play is simply when children partake in open-ended interaction free of learning objectives. It's neither instructor-led nor strategized to create a certain response. Instead, kids are free to make their own decisions, engage with their peers and use their imagination to […]
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10 Creative Indoor Activities To Engage Your Children

This is a guest post from writer and blogger, Jennifer Landis at Mindfulness Mama.  Winter has so many exciting built-in moments for your kids. On the other hand, the downtime can be tough. Cold weather keeps you indoors, which means you have to rely on your arsenal of games and activities to entertain your little ones. […]
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A Word from Sophia Yen, MD and Board Chair of SheHeroes:

Dear SheHero Ally, When  SheHeroes began ten years ago our mission was to empower girls to dream big for their futures, to inspire them with video role models so they could imagine how a girl's passion can unite with purpose to create a unique and meaningful future. Most recently, SheHeroes has focused on STEM careers, where many […]
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Why STEM Studies Should Know No Gender

This is a guest post from writer and blogger, Jennifer Landis at Mindfulness Mama.  People know the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field for its high-wage jobs and modern advances. Yet it's not praised for its gender equality.  Women and girls show an interest in STEM from a young age. Still, they remain unrepresented in […]
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Welcome SheHeroes to our 2019 Fall Newsletter

Falling leaves, cooling breezes, fresh crayons and school backpacks can only mean one thing: fall is in full swing and so is SheHeroes! We have a number of exciting events coming up during this busy season and we hope you can join us. Every fall we host our annual Bay area event to celebrate the SheHeroes in our […]
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Celebrating Women's Equality Day

Today is Women’s Equality Day!  Established August 26, 1971 by Rep. Bella Abzug, Women’s Equality Day was a way to commemorate the passage of the 19th amendment, the Woman Suffrage Movement Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave women full voting rights in 1920. It also commemorates the Women's Strike for Equality where,  on August 26, 1970, 20,000 women […]
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5 Ways to Inspire Your Kids This Summer

As we face the end of yet another school year, it's time to face the age old dilemma. School is almost out and you may be asking yourself "What are my kids going to do all summer?" Well we have a few ideas as to things you can do this summer with your SheHeroes and […]
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Give your Mom the Gift of SheHeroes this Mother's Day!

Whether she's your SheHero, Wonder Woman, or the angel in your corner, nobody else will ever be there for you like your Mom. She's tied your shoes, mended your broken heart, and cheered you on no matter what life has thrown at you. Without her you might not have become the SheHero you are today. […]
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Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Thursday April 25th we celebrate a very special day in the world of SheHeroes and Heroes, it’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day! Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day falls on the Thursday of every April. The reason we celebrate on a Thursday each year is so that “girls and boys […]
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