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Meet Your SheHero video series feature live, interactive interviews with career role models

SheHeroes Episode 19: Susie Wee

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cisco’s DevNet.
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SheHeroes Episode 18: Dr. Cynthia Herrington

Pediatric heart surgeon working at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
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SheHeroes Episode 17: Dr. Angela Belcher

Materials scientist, biological engineer, and Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
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SheHeroes Ep. 16 Carol Reiley

Engineer, Roboticist, Entrepreneur
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SheHeroes Ep. 15 Noramay Cadena

Award Winning Engineer and Entrepreneur
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SheHeroes Ep. 14 Theresa Strickland

Designer, Business Woman, and Mentor
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Dr. Sylvia Earle

Marine Biologist
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Ayesha McGowan

Cycling Pioneer
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SheHeroes Ep. 13: Captain Rebecca Murga

Army Captain and filmmaker
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