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Meet Your SheHero video series feature live, interactive interviews with career role models

Emily Calandrelli

Astronautics Expert
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Allison Tuttle

Aquarium Veternarian
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Erin Marie Williams

Evolutionary Biologist and Archaeologist
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SheHeroes Ep. 12: Carol Jenkins

Emmy Award winning journalist
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SheHeroes Ep. 11: Kathy Levinson

Kathy Levinson: Former COO of E*Trade & LGBT rights pioneer
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SheHeroes Episode 10: Susie Tompkins Buell

Founder of the Esprit clothing company
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SheHeroes Episode 9: Dr. Verna Gibbs

Surgeon at the San Francisco VA Medical Center
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SheHeroes Episode 8: Polly Baca

First Latina to serve in the State and House Senate.
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SheHeroes Episode 7: Larissa Herda

CEO of tw telecom
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SheHeroes Episode 6: Adrienne Rivera

Aerospace Engineer and Paralympic Gold Medalist
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