• "You can't be what you can't see."
    --Marian Wright Edelman

  • "Young girls need to see role models in whatever careers they may choose, just so they can see themselves doing those jobs one day."
    --Sally Ride

About SheHeroes

SheHeroes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to inspire girls ages 8-14 by providing career role models. We create video profiles of successful women, many in STEM fields, to encourage girls to dream big for their futures. Our website is designed to be a free resource for parents and kids, teachers and educators, after school programs, and career/guidance counselors.


Thanks to our sponsor, Truist Bank, SheHeroes has developed its first curriculum to help guide girls into discovering how their current interests can take them into fulfilling and exciting STEM career paths. These materials can be used independently by students, or taught by teachers in the classroom.

Our curriculum is an extension of the SheHeroes mission, but we encourage use by both girls and boys. By engaging in these lessons, students will take a deep dive not only to learn about a wide range of possible STEM careers, but to also discover themselves in the process. There are 4 individual units—The Creators, The Explorers, The Observers and The Analysts. Each unit stands alone and taps into different natural personal traits or qualities a student may identify with to engage them into a deeper exploration of the exciting careers they might enjoy. 

Educators and students can download individual units or the entire curriculum. We hope that, through this educational experience, all students can see the possibilities to apply their strengths and interests to any STEM career. Students will discover a diverse group of female STEM Pioneers that have been breaking glass ceilings and inspire students to push through their own barriers and achieve their dreams.


The issues and insecurities many young girls have with math and science are well-known. They are reflected in adulthood. While women make up 48% of the workforce, they currently hold only 24% of the jobs in STEM. Since many of the jobs of the future will be in technology and STEM, girls cannot afford to lag behind their boy counterparts in this arena. STEM graduates are the most sought after in the job marketplace, with salaries that are higher than many other careers. The goal of our curriculum is to show girls, and boys, how meaningful, diverse, and fulfilling a STEM career can be.

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Meet Your SheHero Internet Safety Panel

Most of us couldn't last a day without the internet, and now we have at least a generation of children that are online from an early age. Despite the amazing convenience and benefits of living our lives online, many parents worry that their kids are safe as they use this powerful but sometimes dangerous tool.  We've rounded up some of […]

Meet Your SheHero Medical Career Panel Featuring: Dr. Verna Gibbs & Dr. Susan DesJardins

This month we are delighted to be featuring not one but two SheHeroes! If you've thought about a career in medicine, here's your opportunity to learn more about the healing profession. Dr. Gibbs operates a general surgery practice at the San Francisco Veteran's Affairs Medical Center. To learn more about her career, watch her SheHero Video […]

Meet Your SheHero: Chief Erika Shields

Police Chief Erika Shields originally started a career as a stockbroker, but then joined the Atlanta Police Department in 1995 and worked her way up from Patrol Officer to Chief over the course of a 25-year career. During that time, she worked numerous assignments, including plainclothes work
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Join us Sunday, March 5th at 2 PM PSTNatalie MackeyCo-founder & CEO, Winky Lux Make-Up Natalie Mackey is the CEO and Co-founder of Winky Lux, a clean, joyful beauty brand available in Target, Ulta, and the Winky Lux experience stores. As a former fashion executive and current product junkie, Natalie followed her personal passion into the beauty space […]
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Pilot SheHeroes and inspire the next generation of career women

Pilot SheHeroes Curriculum and Share Your Experience A SheHero is a person who overcomes obstacles and excels in her field, setting an example for young women of all that is possible in work and life. The free SheHeroes curriculum - developed for grades 4-10 as a supplemental resource for Social Studies, Science, gifted and talented, enrichment, afterschool […]
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Register For Our Panel on Internet Safety and Family Empowerment, THIS SUNDAY, September 18 at 2 PM PST

JOIN US SEPTEMBER 18TH AT 2 PM PST FOR OUR PANEL DISCUSSION DEMYSTIFYING THE INTERNET; TO EMPOWER YOUR FAMILY Most of us couldn't last a day without the internet, and now we have at least a generation of children that are online from an early age. Despite the amazing convenience and benefits of living our lives online, many parents worry […]
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SheHeroes was created by a group of MIT alumni who were concerned by the lack of diverse role models for their growing daughters. Today, SheHeroes is an inspired group of educators, business leaders, scientists and doctors who firmly believe our videos of influential and relatable women role models open girls’ minds and horizons.

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